ZAZevents was inspired by a magical trip to Morocco; we adored the vibrant colours against the golden sand and buildings, the culture and friendly atmosphere. We decided that we wanted to bring our  love of Morocco back to the North-West and with our background in events and hospitality, it seemed only fitting that it would be through event theming.


We ensure originality and bespoke design by sourcing only authentic products hand made in Marrakech, Morocco. Our name “ZAZ” is even authentic and means beautiful in Moroccan.


ZAZevents creative designers will provide a personalised service ensuring we capture the beauty of the day.


Get in touch with ZAZevents to find out how we can help create your perfect day.


Zayna  x



If you are looking for a unique and magical experience, 

ZAZ is all about creating unforgettable memories for any event, with a flamboyant, free-spirited and eclectic flair.

Allow ZAZevents to inspire you with its edgy Moroccan inspired Bohemian style.

Whether you are celebrating your love for one another, 

a new arrival or another special event, let us take you on a journey of refined design creating breathless memories and beautiful spaces which you and your guests will never forget.