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Welcome to ZAZ Events, I'm Zayna, the founder, creator, lead stylist and soul of this fabulous company.


I am a free-spirited and energetic event designer focusing on edgy, eclectic and boho-style event decor.


Over the past few years I have perfected my unique style which focuses on festival themes, whimsical vibes, and colourful designs. My mixture of unique styling comes from incorporating my Moroccan and French heritage into my designs. From growing up in Normandy where boho chic and delicate flowers are my inspiration, to living in NYC where urban art, flavourful cultures and plenty of colour shaped my love for unique colour pairings and out-of-the-box decor pieces. Coming from a multi-cultural background and experiencing different countries and celebrations has given me insights into traditions and cultures that I take inspiration from and cherish.


Fusion is a word that can describe an array of things, and for me this includes my heritage, my passions in life and my style! From being born in France, living in the US and England, to exploring my Moroccan heritage I have so many places that have shaped and inspired me.

I look forward to sharing your journey to your special day and make your vision come to life.

Zayna x



Everything I do is with my client in mind from sourcing authentic and high-quality products from my hometown in Normandy and Morocco; to designing bespoke decor and adding personal touches to a tablescape. My passion is to create imaginative and otherworldly events that make my client's dreams come true!​

As a small business owner, I take great pride in providing a friendly and unique experience for my clients from start to finish. My greatest love is getting to work with wonderful couples to bring their vision to life by using my enthusiasm and creativity to design something truly unique and magical!

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