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Here at ZAZevents we are all about creating magical, out-of-this-world spaces.


We believe that your event should be a reflection of who you are as a couple, from your background, to your style and  your unique personalities. That's why we love to create truly bespoke designs and venue decor for our clients, using our unique creative flair.


Our passion is to create imaginative and otherworldly event design that makes our clients' dreams come true! From using traditional and handmade Moroccan decor pieces, to whimsical boho backdrops and personalised tableware, we bring your vision to life for your big day. 



From styling your event to hiring my props & furnitures,

I can provide you with anything that you need.

EVENT STYLING - from £2200

As an event stylist I specialize in creating unique, boho-inspired events that are unique and reflect your personality. My creative flair and inspirations come from my many trips to Morocco and my love of boho and Moroccan decor. I use traditional and hand-made decor pieces I have collated during my travels to use in my styling which makes your event feel authentic and bespoke. 


As well as specialising in traditional Boho styling and decor, Moho (Modern Boho) style is increasingly popular for weddings and can be the perfect option if you want to push the boat out and create something a little different for your event! Moho gives you freedom to add personal touches and create a unique and colourful event. 


I believe that every event needs an ambience that transports you to a magical and colourful place—one where you feel inspired and intrigued. That's why I create spaces for events that are full of interest, small details and beautiful colours. You can be assured that I will work with you to choose the perfect decor for your event that will transform the space into something beyond your imagination! 

Designing your event is a personal and thoughtful experience, which is why I work closely with you when visualising and developing your ideas and concepts into reality. Through fun and relaxed meetings together we will decide on your event vibe, style, colour scheme, decor and make your vision come to life!

HIRING SERVICES - from £1600

As a stylist, I know how important it is to have a well-planned event space. That's why I also offer my extensive and unique collection of decor pieces, furniture, handmade items, and tableware for hire. Whether you're looking for a few extra pieces to spice up your venue or you want to completely deck out your event space, I can help.


My collection for hire covers a wide range of styles and themes, including rustic, bohemian, colourful boho, moho, natural elegance, and relaxed aesthetics. With so many choices it can seem overwhelming which is where I come in! I help and advise you when it comes to what will suit your event vibe, what size props or decor will work best with your venue and advise on exactly what you need. I love working collaboratively with you so that your event looks exactly the way you imagined! 



Share your vision with me and we’ll work out the best plan for your special day.

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